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Twitter needs a new CEO

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Twitter needs a new CEO, someone who has a clear strategy to run the company and save one of the major news platform on the web.

Elon Musk clearly wanted to get out of the deal after evaluating the platform way higher than its real value. but in order for the USD 44 billion not to burn completely all the investors part of the deal should push for a new CEO who can help the social network grow in a sustainable way, and avoid the wave of lawsuits that seems to be coming twitter’s way right now.

The $8 verification program is clearly a very bad idea, people took advantage of the loose monitoring of the platform right now to have fun and in the process cause havoc for businesses and celebrities.

Elon maybe right in saying that Twitter hit all-time high of active users, but I think that is because people are logging in to witness the fall of a giant, not because it suddenly became a relevant network.

The midterm elections in the US proved that Trump was a one-time hit that quickly lost its appeal, refusing to listen to others and treating them with disdain is not clever, treating employees who operate your business as dismissible assets does not make you powerful. it is important that Twitter’s new owners -including Musk- realise that the consequences of such behavior is dangerous, nobody in a position of power gets away with adopting a single point of view & declaring war on different perspectives, especially in media or in politics.

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